Rewards associated with sharing or redeeming an Offer. The offer amount can dynamically change in value based on the reward settings. Reward activity can easily be tracked and used in other ways.

GET api/OfferRewards/ById/{id}

Get OfferReward by Id

GET api/OfferRewards/ByOfferId/{offerId}

Get OfferReward by OfferId

POST api/OfferRewards

Create OfferReward

PUT api/OfferRewards

Update OfferReward


A unique code. Barcodes are used in the creation of a UniqueOffer.

GET api/Barcodes/ById/{id}

Get Barcode by Id

PUT api/Barcodes

Update Barcode

DELETE api/Barcodes/{id}

Delete Barcode


Different levels of the FACEOFFER service that Merchants can choose from.

GET api/Plans/ById/{id}

Get Plan by Id


A Merchant is a business, company or organization that selects a Plan and creates an Account. All FACEOFFER activity is associated to a Merchant account.

GET api/Merchants/ById/{id}

Get Merchant by Id

GET api/Merchants/ByUserId/{id}

Get Merchant by UserId

PUT api/Merchants

Update Merchant (Only update CompanyName and TimeZone)


A UniqueOffer links SharedOffer(s) back to the Offer. In order to create a SharedOffer, you first have to create a UniqueOffer. You can create multiple UniqueOffers, per Offer.

GET api/UniqueOffers/ById/{uniqueOfferId}

Get UniqueOffer by Id

GET api/UniqueOffers/ByOfferId/{offerId}

Get UniqueOffers by OfferId

GET api/UniqueOffers/ByBarcodeId/{barcodeId}

Get UniqueOffer by BarcodeId

GET api/UniqueOffers/ByConsumer/{consumerId}

Get UniqueOffers By ConsumerId

GET api/UniqueOffers/ByConsumerId/{consumerId}

Get ConsumerOffersSummary by ConsumerId

GET api/UniqueOffers/ByOfferConsumerIds/{offerId}/{consumerId}

Get UniqueOffer by OfferId and ConsumerId

GET api/UniqueOffers/ByMerchant/{merchantId}

Get UniqueOffer by MerchantId

GET api/UniqueOffers/ByScreenName/Search/{merchantId}/{screenName}

Get UniqueOffer by MerchantId and ScreenName

POST api/UniqueOffers

Create UniqueOffer (Barcode will be created for you.)

PUT api/UniqueOffers

Update UniqueOffer

DELETE api/UniqueOffers/{id}

Delete UniqueOffer


Used to redeem a SharedOffer.

PUT api/Redeem/{id}/{merchantLocationId}

Redeem SharedOffer

PUT api/Redeem/ByUser

Redeem SharedOffer by User


A coupon or promotion. An offer is a template that contains all the coupon data and settings, an image, reward settings and participating locations.

GET api/Offers/{merchantId}

Get Offers

GET api/Offers/Active/{merchantId}

Get Active Offers

GET api/Offers/Active/{merchantId}/{timezone}

Get Active Offers By Time Zone

GET api/Offers/ByAppId/{appId}

Get Offers By App Id

GET api/Offers/ByTags/{tags}

Get Offers By Tags

GET api/Offers/Summary/{merchantId}

Get Offers Summary

GET api/Offers/Inactive/{merchantId}

Get Inactive Offers Summary (Deleted)

GET api/Offers/Expired/{merchantId}

Get Expired Offers Summary

GET api/Offers/ActiveSummary/{merchantId}

Get Active Offers Summary

GET api/Offers/ActiveSummary/{merchantId}/{timezone}

Get Active Offers Summary By Time Zone

GET api/Offers/ById/{id}

Get Offer By Id

GET api/Offers/Count/{merchantId}

Get Offers count for Plan limits

POST api/Offers

Create Offer

PUT api/Offers

Update Offer

DELETE api/Offers/{id}

Delete Offer


A SharedOffer is created when an Offer is shared. Each SharedOffer has its own Id and is linked to a specific Consumer.

GET api/SharedOffers/ByOfferId/{offerId}

Get SharedOffers

GET api/SharedOffers/ById/{id}

Get SharedOffer by Id

GET api/SharedOffers/ByConsumer/{consumerId}

Get SharedOffers by ConsumerId

GET api/SharedOffers/ByConsumerAndOffer/{consumerId}/{offerId}

Get SharedOffers by receiving ConsumerId and OfferId

GET api/SharedOffers/ByMerchant/{merchantId}

Get SharedOffers by MerchantId

GET api/SharedOffers/ByMerchant/Search/{merchantId}/{barcode}

Get SharedOffers by MerchantId and first characters in barcode/Id

GET api/SharedOffers/BySender/{consumerId}

Get SharedOffers by sharing ConsumerId

GET api/SharedOffers/BySenderAndOffer/{consumerId}/{offerId}

Get SharedOffers by sharing ConsumerId and OfferId

GET api/SharedOffers/Redeemed/{offerId}

Get redeemed SharedOffers by OfferId

PUT api/SharedOffers

Update SharedOffer

DELETE api/SharedOffers/{id}

Delete SharedOffer


Physical addresses or locations associated with your Merchant account. Offers can be assigned to specific Locations in order to limit their use and/or redemption.

GET api/OfferLocations/ById/{id}

Get OfferLocation by Id

GET api/OfferLocations/ByOfferId/{offerId}

Get OfferLocations by OfferId

GET api/OfferLocations/ByMerchantLocationId/{merchantLocationId}

Get OfferLocations by merchantLocationId

POST api/OfferLocations

Create OfferLocation

DELETE api/OfferLocations/{id}

Delete OfferLocation


Physical addresses or locations associated with your Merchant account.

GET api/MerchantLocations/{merchantId}

Get MerchantLocations

GET api/MerchantLocations/ById/{id}

Get MerchantLocation by Id

GET api/MerchantLocations/ByStoreId/{id}

Get MerchantLocation by StoreLocationId

POST api/MerchantLocations

Create MerchantLocation

PUT api/MerchantLocations

Update MerchantLocation

DELETE api/MerchantLocations/{id}

Delete MerchantLocation


API Keys associated with your Merchant account. API Keys are needed in order to create and use Apps. Keys are also used to generate API access tokens.

GET api/Keys/{merchantId}

Get Keys

GET api/Keys/ById/{id}

Get Key by Id

POST api/Keys

Create Key

PUT api/Keys

Update Key

DELETE api/Keys/{id}

Delete Key


A merchant's customer. Consumer information is used to create a MerchantConsumer.

GET api/Consumers/ById/{id}

Get Consumer by Id

POST api/Consumers/Account

Create ConsumerAccount

PUT api/Consumers

Update Consumer

DELETE api/Consumers?id={id}

Delete Consumer


Used to create a SharedOffer.

POST api/Share

Create SharedOffer

POST api/Share/ByTimeZone

Create SharedOffer By Time Zone (checks to see if offer is active using the Merchant timezone)


Customers associated with a specific Merchant account. Consumer data is used to create a MerchantConsumer.

GET api/MerchantConsumers/ById/{id}

Get MerchantConsumer by Id

GET api/MerchantConsumers/ByConsumer/{consumerId}

Get MerchantConsumer by ConsumerId

GET api/MerchantConsumers/ByConsumerPhone/{phonenumber}

Get MerchantConsumer by PhoneNumber

GET api/MerchantConsumers/ByConsumerEmail/{emailaddress}

Get MerchantConsumer by EmailAddress

GET api/MerchantConsumers/ByConsumerId/{consumerId}

Get ConsumerProfileSummary by ConsumerId

GET api/MerchantConsumers/{merchantId}

Get MerchantConsumers by MerchantId

GET api/MerchantConsumers/ByKeyword/Search/{merchantId}/{keyword}

Get MerchantConsumer by MerchantId and Keyword

POST api/MerchantConsumers

Create MerchantConsumer

PUT api/MerchantConsumers

Update MerchantConsumer

DELETE api/MerchantConsumers/{id}

Delete MerchantConsumer


Used to build specific applications for use with the API(s). Apps can then be used to segment traffic, for reporting purposes and for resale to other Merchants, Users or Developers.

POST api/Apps/Authenticate

Generates an Access Token for use with the API.

GET api/Apps/{merchantId}

Get Apps

GET api/Apps/ById/{id}

Get App by Id

POST api/Apps

Create App

PUT api/Apps

Update App

DELETE api/Apps/{id}

Delete App